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Fan guard grille & guard plates

Brytec offers a comprehensive range of fan accessories with the Thoptec product range. Fan guards and plates are available for axial fans of all common fan sizes.

Wire guard grille:
This is a simple protective grille consisting of metal wire fins. The wire guards are mounted on the outside of an enclosure.
A wire guard can be used for screw connections or fastened with safety rivets.

Standard wire guards:
The standard versions of the protective grilles are made of PA6 and PA66. Depending on the version, the standard protective grilles are fastened by means of a pin plugged in with a hole screwed in or with securing rivets.

The mudguards are manufactured for high air permeability with a round perforation of 75% or 6-kt perforation 85% air permeability.

Performance features

Protective grille Lamelle wire grille

Material metal

Protection against coarse dirt

Mounting with screws or safety rivets

Plastic protective grille for plug-in installation

Material PA 6 / PA 6.6

Protection against coarse dirt

Plug-in mounting or securing rivets


75% Air flow rate with round perforation

85% Air throughput with 6-edge perforation

Mounting on the fan sleeves, securing rivets or screws

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