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Thermorex – We control the temperature

Thermorex has been developing and producing state-of-the-art bimetallic thermostats and temperature limiters for over 35 years. In addition to standard products, the core competence is also the development of customised thermostats. The use of increasingly advanced manufacturing technologies in combination with innovative development solutions has made Thermorex one of the most modern and reliable manufacturers of thermostats in its core markets. The foundations of the business are impeccable production quality, an outstanding team of leading specialists and high customer satisfaction.

Temperature limiter 2-pole

TK232 This is a temperature-sensitive temperature limiter which, under normal operating conditions, maintains a temperature below a certain value by automatically switching off 2 poles of the circuit. This device is not self-resetting and operates with a manual reset option. The temperature switch prevents overheating in a variety of consumer, industrial and commercial products.

This temperature limiter is only available with contacts that open when the temperature rises. The contacts can be reset by manually pressing the reset button after the device has cooled down below the open temperature balance.

In addition to a variety of standard configurations, this limiter can also be customised to the customer’s specific technical requirements, ensuring maximum design flexibility and use in a wide range of temperature control applications.

Contact type: Normally closed (NC contact)

Performance features

Temperature limiter 2-pole TK232

Cyclical operating mode

Operating temperature from +50°C to 190°C

Temperature limiter 2-pole TK232