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More information about the brand SUNON

Sunon, Total Thermal Solution

With over 400 development engineers, SUNON is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fans, cooling plates and cooling modules with or without heat pipes or vapour chambers. With innovative technology, a global sales network and over 40 years of experience in heat management, Sunon has established itself as a leading partner for ventilation and cooling solutions worldwide.
For all these years, SUNON has focused on the technology of its fans and cooling modules to improve performance and energy efficiency, reduce noise or simply fulfil customer requirements.

Sunonwealth founded the SUNON brand in 1980 and has been distributing its products worldwide ever since. In 1982, the company registered its trade mark in 45 countries around the world, making it a global trade mark.

The company’s English trademark, which fulfils President Hong’s expectations, was established as SUNON when it was founded. The company’s name literally means “setting standards” in Chinese, and it was hoped that the company would become a role model for the industry. The English name comes from ” Sun On Everyday “, which symbolises the sun rising every day in the East to realise the company’s sustainable business vision. The brand is green, symbolising the company’s commitment to environmental protection and product safety.

The SUNON trademark is in the shape of a green fan that spins forever, with an irregular pentagram outline reminiscent of a man lifting his left leg and taking a step forward, symbolising that SUNON is taking a step forward to build its own brand and adhere to its core values of invention and innovation.

Mini fan & blower

The DC mini fan series from SUNON is characterised by constant airflow stability and long-lasting thermal efficiency. The fans in this series are suitable for highly technical applications. SUNON is known for the durability, safety and reliability of its products, as well as for its high quality and highly efficient fan solutions for a wide range of thermal requirements.

Performance features

Mini fan

Construction sizes 10x10 | 12x12 | 15x15 | 17x17 mm

Rated power 2 - 3.5 VDC

Air flow 0.205 m3/h - 0.976 m3/h

Static pressure 0.041 - 0.084 InchH2O

Noise level 21 - 32 dB(A)

Mini blower

Construction sizes 9x9 | 12x12 | 15x15 | 17x17 | 30x30 mm

Rated power 2 - 3.5 VDC

Air flow 0.070 - 1.084 m3/h

Static pressure 0.064 - 0.354 InchH2O

Noise level 25 - 36 dB(A)